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In reports from our significant journeys, we bring you information acquired through personal experience that can assist you in planning your own vacation. Come with us to discover interesting places both domestically and abroad. Join us in exploring the majestic Alpine giants surrounded by deep sapphire-blue lakes, the rounded mountain ridges of our mountains, rugged coastlines washed by the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea, or the erupting volcanoes of the Apennine Peninsula. Each report includes a photo gallery and answers to questions. You are reading the first part.

Turkey 2023

Turkey 2023

Trade caravans that transported goods along the Silk Road from China to Anatolia centuries ago found a place to rest at the Kervansaray along the road in Konakli. This oriental inn was built by the Seljuk Sultan in the first half of the 13th century. The town of Konakli has just under thirty thousand inhabitants. It ...

Jeseníky Mountains 2023

Jeseníky Mountains 2023 (Currently in Czech)

In the vicinity of the Moravice River, Bělokamenný Stream, and Javorový Hill, iron ore was mined. In this area, on both sides of the historical land border between Moravia and Silesia, the mining village of Malá Morávka was established. One of its local parts is Karlov pod Pradědem. The extensive territory of ...

Bulgaria 2022

Bulgaria 2022 (Currently in Czech)

On the coast north of Varna, pirates, according to legend, dug up a golden treasure. The angered land transformed the gold into sand, creating long and wide beaches with golden sand washed by the clear sea. The resort of Golden Sands is nestled in the similarly named natural park covered with densely ...

Slovak Paradise 2022

Slovak Paradise 2022 (Currently in Czech)

In the east of Slovakia lies Slovak Paradise, quite literally. It is a paradise for every visitor who loves unspoiled nature. Slovak Paradise consists of a karst plateau, cut into several smaller karst plateaus by deep rocky gorges. The rugged terrain of Slovak Paradise has been shaped by watercourses, ...

Turkey 2019

Turkey 2019 (Currently in Czech)

The Egyptian queen Cleopatra already discovered the charm of a place where the crystal-clear waters of the Mediterranean Sea washes the soft sand. The beach in the Turkish town of Alanya on the Turkish Riviera was named after her as Cleopatra Beach. This stop on the Silk Road was the destination of another one of ...

Montenegro 2018

Montenegro 2018 (Currently in Czech)

At the southern edge of the Budva Riviera, between Cape Dubovica and the cliff of Velja Seka, lies the Buljarica Bay. Above it, the village of the same name stretches at an average altitude of 33 meters above the sea. Here, to the Premier Club Guesthouse, we set out for our summer vacation. This time, we left ...

Netherlands 2018

Netherlands 2018 (Currently in Czech)

The most prestigious club baseball tournament in Europe is the European Champions Cup - Cup of European Countries' Champions. Participants are the winners of national competitions from the previous year, and potentially others in the ranking. The promotion and relegation system allows only ...

Croatia 2017

Croatia 2017 (Currently in Czech)

In the northwest of Istria, on the coast of the Piran Bay, lies the renowned Kanegra Resort near the pebble beaches. Its bungalows are nestled in a pine grove above the Adriatic Sea, offering a view of the Slovenian spa town Portorož and the historic Piran on the other side of the Piran Bay. It provides a peaceful ...

Krkonoše Mountains 2016

Krkonoše Mountains 2016 (Currently in Czech)

For the umpteenth time, we chose the highest mountain range in the Czech Republic, the Krkonoše Mountais, with its highest peak Sněžka, for a week-long vacation. This time, we set out to explore the range along an axis formed by its resorts - Harrachov, Špindlerův Mlýn, Janské Lázně, Pec pod Sněžkou ...