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In reports from our significant journeys, we bring you information acquired through personal experience that can assist you in planning your own vacation. Come with us to discover interesting places both domestically and abroad. Join us in exploring the majestic Alpine giants surrounded by deep sapphire-blue lakes, the rounded mountain ridges of our mountains, rugged coastlines washed by the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea, or the erupting volcanoes of the Apennine Peninsula. Each report includes a photo gallery and answers to questions. You are reading the fourth part.

Salzburg 2009

Salzburg 2009 (Currently in Czech)

The High Tauern forms the imaginary backbone of the Austrian Alps. The High Tauern National Park is crisscrossed by many streams and brooks originating here, numerous gorges and ravines, with rich, diverse, and untouched flora and fauna. We explored this one of the most beautiful corners of the Alps ...

Salzburg 2008

Salzburg 2008 (Currently in Czech)

Bischofsmütze, or Bishop's Mitre, is the highest peak of the Gosaukamm massif, standing at 2458 meters. Fresh mountain air, green meadows, and impressive mountain peaks characterize this area. Everywhere, babbling brooks, colorful flowers, and chirping marmots are present. We chose this mountainous ...

Gargano 2008

Gargano 2008 (Currently in Czech)

Pavel (July 23, 2008): "A Jeep drives through a dense forest, a forest of shadows, the lungs of Gargano, the primeval Foresta Umbra. I sit on its roof in a low enclosure. My left hand tightly grips this enclosure, my right hand operates the camera, and with my chin, I adjust the zoom ring. My head dodges ...

Tyrol 2008

Tyrol 2008 (Currently in Czech)

In the northeast of Tyrol, on the borders with Bavaria and Salzburg, lies the sunny valley of Pillerseetal. It stretches between Steinplatte, the rock massif of Loferer Steinberge, and the Kitzbühel Alps. Its name comes from its largest of three lakes - Pillersee. We chose this romantic valley for our second ...

Krkonoše Mountains 2007

Krkonoše Mountains 2007 (Currently in Czech)

Scenic valleys lined with timbered houses, expansive mountain meadows scented with herbs, as well as rocky ridges and glacial cirques, roaring waterfalls reaching impressive heights and volumes, and the mysterious silence of marshes and peat bogs. These are the Krkonoše Mountains, our highest and ...

Gargano 2007

Gargano 2007 (Currently in Czech)

The wild landscape of the southern coast of Gargano lured us into spending a week and a half on vacation. The coastline, as seen from the sea, offers one of the most beautiful spectacles. Small sandy and pebble beaches, often accessible only by sea, alternate with white limestone cliffs covered with pine trees ...

Œnieżnik Mountains 2007

Œnieżnik Mountains 2007 (Currently in Czech)

Pure mountain air, heavenly tranquility, picturesque landscapes, beautiful plants, and rare animals. All of this is offered by Œnieżnik Mountains, a unique place on the border of Bohemia and Moravia, our smallest mountain range. The Morava River originates here, with its waters flowing towards the Black Sea. However ...

Dachstein 2006

Dachstein 2006 (Currently in Czech)

At the border of Upper Austria, Styria, and Salzburg, in the Northern Limestone Alps, lies the Dachstein Massif. This majestic mountain range is the location of the northernmost and simultaneously easternmost glacier in the Alps. The majority of its area consists of undulating plateaus with numerous karst ...

Jeseníky Mountains 2006

Jeseníky Mountains 2006 (Currently in Czech)

Between Červenohorské saddle and Skřítek saddle stretches the main part of Hrubý Jeseník, called the Pradědská hornatina. Most peaks are on the narrow main ridge, including the highest one, Praděd. The richest and most valuable communities are represented by mountain meadows, while the ...