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In reports from our significant journeys, we bring you information acquired through personal experience that can assist you in planning your own vacation. Come with us to discover interesting places both domestically and abroad. Join us in exploring the majestic Alpine giants surrounded by deep sapphire-blue lakes, the rounded mountain ridges of our mountains, rugged coastlines washed by the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea, or the erupting volcanoes of the Apennine Peninsula. Each report includes a photo gallery and answers to questions. You are reading the fifth part.

Sicily 2006

Sicily 2006 (Currently in Czech)

Rich and intriguing history, monuments from various epochs, and nature spanning different continents – that's Sicily, the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. After spending fourteen days exploring the southernmost part of Calabria, we moved to the island of Sicily. Over the course of five days, we ...

Calabria 2006

Calabria 2006 (Currently in Czech)

Fragrant Mediterranean vegetation, bright sandy bays lined with steep cliffs, crystal-clear sea – that's the vision of paradise on both land and water. At Capo Vaticano in Calabria, this dream becomes a reality. The old towns nearby invite you to exploratory strolls, while the nearby mountains of Sila and Aspromonte ...

Jeseníky Mountains 2005

Jeseníky Mountains 2005 (Currently in Czech)

The northwestern part of the Hrubý Jeseník mountain range, called the Keprnická hornatina, stretches between the Ramzovské and Červenohorské saddles. The main peaks include Šerák, Keprník, Vozka, and Červená hora. The southern part of the Hrubý Jeseník range, known as the Pradědská hornatina, ...

Salzkammergut 2004

Salzkammergut 2004 (Currently in Czech)

The Salzkammergut got its name from long-abandoned mines in the Alpine region east of Salzburg. This beautiful region is interwoven with picturesque valleys, where the deep blue eyes of lakes sparkle, surrounded by hills and rugged, steep mountains. The highest peaks reach almost 3000 ...

Jeseníky Mountains 2004

Jeseníky Mountains 2004 (Currently in Czech)

In the northern part of Moravia, in the Bruntál, Jeseník, and Šumperk regions, lies an exceptionally beautiful protected landscape area - Jeseníky. Forested mountains, centuries-old primeval forests transitioning into alpine tundra, rocky seas, glacial cirques, broad saddles, stream and river sources with steep ...

Tyrol 2003

Tyrol 2003 (Currently in Czech)

Tyrol is the most visited region in all of Austria, primarily due to its numerous natural beauties, as well as its traditional folklore. Many mountain gorges, beautiful valleys, steep mountain streams and rivers with numerous waterfalls, and plenty of caves, with glaciers and stunning views in the upper regions ...

Gargano 2003

Gargano 2003 (Currently in Czech)

The spur of the Italian boot is formed by the Gargano Peninsula, a tall and rocky promontory jutting into the Adriatic Sea, geographically and culturally distinct from the rest of Apulia. The beautiful and rugged coastline creates countless bays, with turquoise blue waters washing against white rocky cliffs, ...

Salzburg 2002

Salzburg 2002 (Currently in Czech)

At the end of August, we traveled to the Salzburg Alps, to the small mountain resort of Gosau. In the Salzburg region, in the so-called Salzburgerland, we spent a week full of extraordinary experiences. Equipped with the Salzburg Joker, we embarked on trips to the most sought-after locations in this part of the Alpine ...

Little Carpathians 2002

Little Carpathians 2002 (Currently in Czech)

From July 5th to 7th, we took advantage of the extended weekend and headed to Slovakia, beneath the highest peak of the Little Carpathians - Záruby (768 m). Here, in the campsite by the Buková reservoir, we spent three sunny holiday days. We alternated between swimming and sunbathing by the water ...