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In reports from our significant journeys, we bring you information acquired through personal experience that can assist you in planning your own vacation. Come with us to discover interesting places both domestically and abroad. Join us in exploring the majestic Alpine giants surrounded by deep sapphire-blue lakes, the rounded mountain ridges of our mountains, rugged coastlines washed by the turquoise blue Mediterranean Sea, or the erupting volcanoes of the Apennine Peninsula. Each report includes a photo gallery and answers to questions. You are reading the third part.

Vienna 2012

Vienna 2012 (Currently in Czech)

The most beautiful Viennese squares transform into magnificent Christmas markets from the end of November until Christmas. While strolling through the Christmas Vienna scented with pine needles, burning candles, and Christmas sweets, with a cup of hot punch in hand, the true Christmas atmosphere ...

Kutno 2012

Kutno 2012 (Currently in Czech)

The dream of every 11 to 13-year-old baseball player is to participate in the Little League World Series in Williamsport, USA. Only approximately 210 to 220 players from around the world see this dream come true each year. The winners of national qualifiers advance to regional qualifiers, and the winners ...

Vilnius 2011

Vilnius 2011 (Currently in Czech)

The labyrinth of the old town, an elegant business district, numerous open squares with parks, historic suburbs – all of this is blended into a harmonious whole in the city of many faces, Vilnius. A stroll through Vilnius offers an amazing palette of architectural styles and gems, a maze of ...

Florence 2011

Florence 2011 (Currently in Czech)

A beautiful landscape undulating into gentle hills, dotted with vineyards and blooming meadows, but also a region with a rich history and culture. That is the pearl of Italy - Tuscany. Its capital is Florence. The cradle of the Renaissance, stretching in the valley of the Arno River and surrounded by hills. In the ...

Tyrol 2011

Tyrol 2011 (Currently in Czech)

At the intersection of the Stubai and Ötztal Alps lies the longest Tyrolean valley, Ötztal. Its name gained worldwide fame in 1991 when the mummy of a prehistoric man, named Ötzi, was discovered in the frozen mountains at the end of the valley. Here, in the largest glacial region in the eastern part of the ...

Bohemian Forest 2011

Bohemian Forest 2011 (Currently in Czech)

Dense Forests - rustling, deep, and extensive forests gave the name to the beautiful territory, the Šumava National Park. Forests, primeval woods, glacial lakes, marshes, mountain meadows, but also picturesque mountain towns, castles, and interesting technical landmarks. All of this can be seen in Bohemian ...

Krkonoše Mountains 2011

Krkonoše Mountains 2011 (Currently in Czech)

In the western part of the Krkonoše Mountains, on the slopes of the Žalý massif, lies the village of Benecko, the highest situated in the Giant Mountains. In 1892, the axemaker Vondrák produced the first beech skis at the sawmill in Dolní Štěpanice, beginning the history of skiing in this area. Benecko became a renowned ...

Salzburg 2010

Salzburg 2010 (Currently in Czech)

Lungau - a Salzburg province on the sunny southern side of the Alps, featuring pristine Alpine nature and hospitable inhabitants. Expansive, green, and vibrantly blooming meadows, foothill pastures, healthy deep forests, rounded and rocky peaks. This region, sheltered by mountains from wind and storms ...

Croatia 2010

Croatia 2010 (Currently in Czech)

From the point where the Cetina River empties its waters into the Adriatic Sea to the location where the Neretva River does the same with its delta, stretches the Makarska Riviera. However, this approximately 60 km long strip is only a few kilometers wide. It is situated closely beneath the Biokovo mountain ...