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This page is dedicated to you, our visitors. If you wish to let us know that you have visited us, please our guestbook using email or by using the form provided. You can attach your observations, comments, messages. If they are suitable for publication, we will publish them and add our reaction. You are reading entries from the year 2010. If you would like to inquire about travel information, please use the Questions and Answers Center.

# 23.12.2010, 17:27.
Greetings to the Rehureks. Allow me to wish you a beautiful Christmas and New Year, filled with joy and gifts. Zdeněk.

Thank you for the wishes, and we also wish you all the best for the new year 2011.

# 25.10.2010, 08:59.
In one of your recipes, you mention the use of a canned Džuveč with tuna. It used to be our family's favorite canned food, but I haven't found it in any store or supermarket for almost 15 years now. Can you advise if it's still available anywhere, or perhaps the manufacturer? Thank you very much for your response. Marie from Strážnice.

Our website has been on the internet since 1999, but many of the recipes published on it are much older. Specifically, the Egg Omelette with Tuna Mixture is one of the older recipes. Occasionally, it happens that the ingredients are no longer available or have been replaced by newer products. If you can't find the canned product or its equivalent, we recommend replacing it with a similar product according to your own imagination; there are many recipes for džuveč in various forms available on the internet.

# 18.10.2010, 14:21.
I accidentally came across your website and I greatly admire your work. You systematically describe everything your family has experienced. It is beautiful especially for your children and for future generations, who have such an amazing tool to get to know their ancestors. I also admire your beautiful travel reports and photos. I can't even imagine how much time you've invested in these pages. Thank you, I admire and applaud and cheer you on. Věra.

Thank you for your email and your favor.

# 02.09.2010, 22:23.
Dear friends, enthusiastic words from my friend led me to your website. She did not lie. Excellent reading and feast for the eyes. I'm a bit disappointed that there are no photos of your culinary creations, which I was really looking forward to. Perhaps in the future... In the recipe for Paulette's cookies , you are missing the quantity of sugar both in the dough and in the filling. I wish you all the best and send greetings. Radmila.

Thank you for your message. We try to include photographs with some recipes, but we have mainly relied on our readers, who, however, have not sent us anything. Nevertheless, we will try to improve, although with the volume, it may be unrealistic. We apologize for the inaccuracy in the recipe you mentioned.

# 19.08.2010, 11:41.
Thank you for the information and especially for the photos from Calabria. We are just about to go on vacation to Tropea. Thanks to your photos and contributions, I am looking forward to it like crazy! Best regards, Kristina.

Thank you for your message, and we wish you a wonderful vacation.

# 13.08.2010, 13:26.
The Rehureks, today I came across your very beautiful website on the internet. We also love to travel everywhere, both at home and abroad. Your website is really amazing, I commend it. It has everything I like, and I also love to cook... that's actually how I found this website. Keep up the good work, I'll be looking forward to your future updates. Alice.

Thank you for your message, we will strive to make sure you enjoy returning to our website.

# 04.08.2010, 16:27.
The Rehureks, thank you for your website, I haven't even had a chance to go through it all yet... Your advice and insights about Sicily were a real help to me - much better than Marco Polo. Thank you for them! Dagmar from Prague.

Thank you for your message. We're glad our website helped you.

# 10.06.2010, 16:52.
Greetings to the Rehureks. A week ago, my wife and I were at the young ones' in Mořkov near Nový Jičín. We also drove past Troubky - horror, nothing but water. We drove through there thirteen years ago, and it's the same again. How about in Moravia, all good? H. from Jihlava.

Thank you for your message and inquiry. As for floods, everything's fine with us. The Litava River didn't overflow its banks, and floods didn't affect us. It was worse in Slavkov, ten kilometers away from here, which was hit by floods several times. Water from the golf course and surrounding hills, and even the Litava, overflowed there.

# 23.04.2010, 18:25.
Thank you for your website. It helps everyone who loves Italy. Thanks again. Stanislav from Prague.

Thank you for your message and your support.

# 09.04.2010, 17:30.
I have a small clarification. In your recipe for white fish soup, it says: Cleaned milt or roe and fish head (without gills) cook separately in salted water. Those gills don't seem right to me, isn't it supposed to be roe? Otherwise, I commend the recipes, they contain everything and unfortunately, I don't have anything new for you. I have the above-mentioned recipe in my collection and I've been using it for years (I'm only 68), and it's great. Best regards, Jan.

You're right, it's supposed to be roe. That spell check with subsequent automatic corrections in Word is sometimes unpredictable. Thank you for pointing it out, and thank you for your support.

# 03.04.2010, 16:34.
Greetings to Mr. Řehůřek and your whole family, and I wish you a pleasant Easter holiday and a plentiful pomlázka for the men in your family and not too many bruises for the ladies. Zdeněk.

Thank you. We also wish you a happy Easter.

# 29.01.2010, 10:57.
There is a solar and beauty studio on Smetanová Street in Bučovice. Is it possible to find contact details for it somewhere, or perhaps a photo gallery of the environment, staff, services offered, and price list? Thank you for your response. Best regards, H.

It's the Pretty Woman salon; they have a phone number on the window under the advertisement, which we'll send to you. We don't have any other information, and it's not available anywhere else.

# 24.01.2010, 17:57.
The Rehureks, greetings to Mrs. Řehůřek, because baking is also my hobby, and the cakes look great. Above all, there's a sense of family cohesion and Moravian heart in you. With embarrassment, according to your instructions, I dare to send a question for an answer addressed to you about 14 days ago... Thank you for any response and all the joys abundantly! R.

Thank you for your email, and we apologize for the delayed response. There are too many inquiries for us to handle them all promptly.

# 15.01.2010, 13:06.
Hi the Rehureks, we've discovered your website, and I must say, I envy your perseverance and meticulousness in leading it. Amazing program, beautiful photos; I appreciate them even more because I also love taking photos. They're really worth seeing and can be an inspiration for anyone who's bored. May you continue to succeed and enjoy everything. Greetings to your whole family from Eva.

Thank you for your message, which delighted us. We're always glad to hear that someone likes our website and finds the information on it interesting and enjoyable.