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This page is dedicated to you, our visitors. If you wish to let us know that you have visited us, please our guestbook using email or by using the form provided. You can attach your observations, comments, messages. If they are suitable for publication, we will publish them and add our reaction. You are reading entries from the year 2012. If you would like to inquire about travel information, please use the Questions and Answers Center.

# 09.12.2012, 18:44.
The Rehureks, I've been going to Croatia for 12 years, which I've fallen in love with, but now I've decided for a change. In early June 2013, I'll be going to Italy, specifically Capo Vaticano - Villagio Rocca di Vadaro. I'm used to finding accommodation directly on the spot, which, as I found out, is not very common in Italy. So I hope I won't be disappointed. But why am I writing this? I would like to thank you for your website and the care you put into it. Thanks to your advice and insights, one can save a lot of worries and problems. I wish you a wonderful holiday season and look forward to your further travel insights. Zdeněk.

Thank you for your message. We are glad that the travel section of the website serves its purpose.

# 06.04.2012, 17:20.
Dear Rehureks family, I would like to wish you a wonderful Easter holiday, abundant whipping (tradition in Czech Republic), and family harmony. Your supporter from Vysočina - Jihlava.

Thank you for the wishes, for your kindness, and we also wish you a wonderful Easter.

# 05.03.2012, 14:23.
Hello Pavel, I entered the query "How to render lard" into Google search and your link on the Rehureks website came out as the best. I rendered the lard while watching the Kladno - Kometa hockey game and I remembered you again, wondering who you're rooting for. Jára.

Hello Jára, now it's just baseball, actually.

# 09.02.2012, 00:25.
I came across a PDF file titled "Alenčina kuchařka" with your website listed in the footer. Therefore, I would like to ask if you have "Alenčina kuchařka" published in book form. I was particularly interested in the recipe for baked tea. I would like to buy it. Thank you. Richard.

You can find the recipes on our website under the Recipes section. The cookbook has not been released in print form, and we have even recently discontinued the distribution of PDF versions. The electronic cookbook is continuously updated and expanded, meaning its form is constantly changing, so it didn't make sense to publish it in a fixed format.