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We are pleased that you are using our website to supplement information while planning your vacation. Our goal is to answer your questions as quickly as possible. To ensure that the desired information reaches you as soon as possible, we recommend following the advice below. You will learn how to quickly search for published information, how to request answers to your questions, who our system is intended for, and how the entire system works.

  This is a translation. The original can be found at: Important Information (CZ)  

  The quickest way to find an answer is through the Questions and Answers Center. It is quite possible, and very likely, that your question has already been answered. Navigate to the relevant topic and carefully read the questions of other travelers along with their answers. Within the page, you can use your internet browser's search function, usually by pressing the Ctrl+F keyboard shortcut. General questions that are still relevant may also be found in answers from previous years.

  The source of information is our Travel Reports. We are continuously processing them and endeavor to create them in a way that answers most of the basic questions. Additionally, you will find plenty of other useful information in them, such as maps, photographs, tips for excursions at the holiday destination, indicative prices, and so on.

  Actively seek out the desired information. Utilize the search field on the Search page to assist you. Enter keywords without diacritics. After displaying the results and navigating to a specific page, you can locate the information using Ctrl+F.

  If you cannot find the information, please write to us. You can use the inquiry form () or the inquiry email (). You can find them in the Questions and Answers Center. However, formulate your questions precisely. If the question concerns travel, don't forget to specify where you are traveling from and to. Try to target your question. We are happy to advise you, but it is difficult to answer questions like 'recommend transit accommodation to Italy' or 'recommend where to go on vacation in Italy,' etc. When writing your question, use diacritics (if your language uses it) and do not write with Caps Lock on. This will make our work easier. Before submitting, double-check the provided email, which is crucial for the answer to reach you.

  Don't forget about others. When you return from vacation, remember to share your experiences with others. We would appreciate it if you could write a few insights from your vacation. We will publish them in the Questions and Answers Center, where they will be available for other travelers.

  Important: our questions and answers are moderated. This means that they will appear on our website only after approval by a moderator. We reserve the right not to publish questions that are inappropriate, vulgar, of an advertising nature, or off-topic. Please consider the content of the information you submit. If you do not want certain information to be published, do not include it in the message. We reserve the right to correct spelling and word order errors. The publication of information is governed by our Privacy Policy and Terms. You will receive a response at the email address provided. It may be published after a certain period of time has passed. It may take some time (especially during the summer months) for us to respond. We receive many questions and strive to answer them as soon as possible. We respond gradually. Unfortunately, it is no longer feasible for us to answer all questions received within our time constraints.

  Important: our questions and answers are intended for individual travelers. We do not respond to questions from travel agencies, tour operators, group tour organizers, guides, transportation companies, carriers, freight forwarders, and other entities inquiring about commercial activities. We do not respond to questions related to business trips. We do not respond to questions concerning safety, politics, health, religion, and social issues. We do not provide legal advice. We do not respond to questions unrelated to travel. We do not create itineraries. Additionally, we reserve the right to choose not to respond at our discretion to any question.

  Information: the answers to questions are valid as of the specified date. It is possible that over time, certain circumstances may change. Consider our answers as a guide, and verify information on the official websites provided. Always prepare alternative solutions. We strive for our answers to be accurate and informative. However, it is possible that incorrect information may be published despite our efforts. We would appreciate it if you could bring it to our attention. Additionally, it may happen that conditions at a specific location are different at a given time (weather, timetables, closures, prices, etc.). Unfortunately, we cannot influence this. The information we publish often reflects only our opinion and perspective on the issue. In this case, it is subjective information, and someone else's opinion and perspective may differ.