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Are you traveling for vacation by air? Search for the best flight ticket. Here you can find not only standard airlines and their combinations but also combinations of non-partner airlines. Also, check out any special offers. It's possible that one of them is heading to your destination. Don't forget to arrange travel insurance for your trip and arrange transportation from the airport. Private transfer or car rental at the airport can also be a solution. If you have a layover until the next day, make sure to arrange accommodation.

Our tip: The best time to buy a plane ticket is 14 to 7 weeks before departure. Book holiday flights well in advance. If you fly on a Sunday, you'll pay the most. You'll pay the least if you fly on a Tuesday or Wednesday. Verify each flight on both of the websites listed below.

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The search engine focuses on traditional as well as low-cost flights. The offer also includes promotional airline tickets and promotional stays. Additional services.

  Bratislava, Slovakia

The search engine focuses on both traditional and low-cost flights. You can purchase cheap tickets for selected charter flights as well as last-minute tickets.

  Prague, Czech republic

The search engine focuses on domestic and international flights. You can buy cheap tickets to popular cities, as well as flexible tickets.

  Amsterdam, Netherlands