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Are you planning a trip abroad? Whether you're traveling for a day or an extended period, to a neighboring country or to the other side of the globe, always ensure you have optimal travel insurance. It's the assurance you carry with you. If you book a vacation package that includes travel insurance, check its limits. If it doesn't suit you, get your own. Its cost is negligible compared to the price of the vacation. In the event of a claim, you can of course only use one travel insurance policy.

Our tip: The most important aspect of travel insurance is medical expense coverage, which should ideally be unlimited. Another essential is liability insurance. It's best to have it with the highest possible limit. During our travels, we have come to a choice that we have not changed for several years - AXA Excelent. Both of the search engines listed below offer it, both with a significant discount.

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The travel insurance comparator from insurance companies AXA Assistance, ERV, Generali, ÈSOB, Slavia, Union, Uniqa.

  Prague, Czech republic

The travel insurance comparator from insurance companies Allianz, AXA Assistance, Colonnade Insurance, ÈSOB, ERGO, ERV, Generali, Slavia, Union, Uniqa, and VZP.

  Prague, Czech republic