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You can't do without electrical devices on an overseas vacation. You'll need to charge your phone, laptop, tablet, camera, or plug in another appliance. Different countries use different types of sockets. Often, the plugs of our appliances don't fit into these sockets. In this case, a travel adapter will help you, which acts as a reducer. In some countries, you won't need a travel adapter, in others, you'll only need it for certain appliances, but often you can't do without a travel adapter. To avoid having to search for and buy one on-site, you can get it in the Czech Republic and devote your time on vacation to what you traveled for instead of looking for a travel adapter.

Our tip: World Adapter PRO PA34 functional in 150 countries around the world.

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Travel adapters are essential not only for longer stays in countries outside of Europe but also in several European countries right away.

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