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For your stay at the holiday destination, it's advisable to have a guidebook. This publication will acquaint you with the area, recommend interesting places to visit with detailed descriptions, suggest tourist routes, accommodations, restaurants, and provide many other necessary pieces of information to plan your vacation according to your interests and time constraints. Guidebooks are often complemented by a variety of beautiful photographs. You're unlikely to buy such a Czech-foreign guidebook on-site, so it's best to get it in the Czech Republic. This way, you'll have the opportunity to read it in advance and prepare your itinerary and all necessary information beforehand. Maps and dictionaries are useful supplements to the guidebook.

Our tip: While our website may be the best guide , it's always useful to have a printed guidebook on hand. You can occasionally find information and tips there that are not available anywhere else. On the other hand, some specific information, such as prices, timetables, etc., may not always be up to date.

And why should you book your guides through our website? We always offer you something extra:
    Information about vacation destinations in our Travel Reports
    A well of additional information in the Questions and Answers Center
    Inspiration in Trip Tips
    Travel information in the Traveler's Blog
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Since 1999, we have been working to make your vacation more prepared, higher quality, and unforgettable. A vast number of our readers have already benefited from our information, with most of them saving plenty of time and money on their vacations.

In the offer, you'll find guidebooks to the Czech Republic, Europe, and even worldwide. Some of them are thematically focused, while others relate to specific countries.

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