Web Welcome on our web pages. The purpose of these pages isn´t any familiar chronicle. Our purpose is to give on consciousness to our friends, whose connecting to internet is still increasing, how we live, where we´ve been, to divide recipes and other things with them. We believe, that our web pages are a asset for everyone, who connect to us. Thank you for your visit.

Family Who we are. We are a normal quadripartite family from southern Moravia. We travel a lot all over environs, as well as over further places, mainly by car, and then on foot. We like cooking and of course we like eating.

Flower How we live. Our life is vey active and varied. As soon as the weather is fine and we are free, we set out anywhere on a trip or anywhere for enjoyment. There are life sections, which are more or less important and interesting. We take down mainly those more important and interesting, at least in our opinion.

Fabia Travelling. We like travelling all over Moravian and Czech regions and abroad. We have already known many beautiful places, where we were on holiday or just for a trip. On this web side we would like to divide some tips for a trip or holiday with you. We invite you to the places, where we have been ourself, and where we spent a wonderful time. We bring a report from some drives.

Cooky Cooking. Cooking is a hobby of our mom. Because she is a very good cook, we have convinced her to share some recipes with you. Some of them are from unknown origins, some of them from her mom, from magazines or from her friends. But it´s not important where is the origin. The result is what is really important. If you have a recipe you want to divide, please, send it. We will try it, and if it is delicious and interesting, we will publish it.

Microphone Comments. There are moments, which are so interesting for us, and we decided to comment on them. They relate either to us or to everybody. Opinions which are stated here express only our own position, and you don´t have to agree with us. Your perceptions, remarks and opinions are welcome. We would like to stated them in the end of items as "Your comment". Write to us.

Floppy Download. We insert interesting information from our web pages into text files, and you can make copy here. The format and the size of those text files are mentioned next to them.

Book Book of visitors. This side is for you, our visitors. If you want to let us know, that you invite our web pages, please, inscribe yourself in the book. You can write down your remarks and messages. If we will publish it, we add our reaction. Add your e-mail address in case, that you want to publish it.

Pen Write to us. We recieve regularly many e-mails from you, our visitors. We are very pleased and that´s the reason, why we decide to move forward communication between you and us. There are references divided according to several sections on this web side. When you click on some reference and write a massage, our post client automatically inserts in a proper box. That massage cannot be lost among a lot of spams, so we can respond faster.

Reference Links. We have prepared several references for you to other web pages on Internet, which are interesting and mainly practical in our opinion. We pay attention to information, which are useful in a normal life of family. We are going to extend the list of references.