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We're glad you've surfed all the way to us, and we hope you'll find what you're looking for here. You're on the website of one Moravian family - the Řehůřeks. We founded our website in 1999, but its content has been evolving since 1977. From originally small family pages, it gradually developed into a comprehensive information portal, primarily focused on travel and recipes. We are continuously expanding additional sections related to travel and cooking. To get an overview, you can explore our detailed content.

Over time, our website has gained more and more supporters who express their support for us in the guestbook. The ten-thousandth unique visitor came to us in early March 2002, the hundred-thousandth visitor at the end of April 2005, the two-hundred-thousandth visitor in early August 2006, and the half-millionth visitor in early June 2008. Since then, we stopped tracking. Currently, we are expecting visitor number 4,000,000. Our website now receives around 500 visitors daily. In our travel questions and answers, we have already answered more than 15,000 questions. The website has also undergone changes in design and content. You are currently viewing the fifth version. This brought mainly increased clarity, the possibility of full-text search, support for mobile devices, and many other new features and information. We have also started cooperating with service providers in the field of tourism, complementing our information.

Our website has also caught the attention of regional media. On March 29, 2002, it was the Vyškovské noviny that mentioned us in an article titled "The website of one Moravian family has already been visited by 10,000 visitors." On February 15, 2004, Rovnost wrote about us in their Internet Tips section. In April 2006, Bučovické noviny published our comment, and in June 2008, Mladá Fronta DNES wrote an article about us titled "From a family chronicle to a recognized travel website." Many internet servers have used links to our website as additional information for their articles, such as Hyena, Wikipedia, and others.